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Speaking Training:  The Easiest Way to Accelerate Real-world Personal Professional Outcomes

"I have been here for four days, but after listening to your speech I am now ready to put another $100 million into the fund"

"The only speaker who felt genuine and authentic"

"I didn't think (the learning) I achieved was possible in the timeframe we had"

Better communication equals better outcomes.

Discreet, Professional, Tailored to your specific needs


  • Keynote preparation

  • Impromptu speeches

  • Media training

  • Disaster communication

  • Wage negotiation

  • Conflict resolution

and more

Good communication means connecting with your audience, be it to one person or to a nation.

Only 7% of good communication is achieved through the words we use.

At Speech Business School, we build your skills to connect in the scenarios you require, be those skills:

  • Turning nervousness into connection

  • Personal authority

  • Charismatic presence

  • Content and structure 

  • Voice and delivery

  • Impromptu speaking

  • Story telling

  • Emotional connection

  • Handling and embracing disruptions

  • How to give feedback that motivates


and more.

Contact us today, unless you can afford to wait.


07740 255446



Our Executive lessons are developed and taught by SBS educators who are widely recognized as experts in their fields, award-winning speakers and performers, and outstanding trainers.

For some programs and skills, additional world-class trainers are engaged to enhance facilitation and learning.


Founder and Lead Trainer


Broadcast presenter, Producer, Script writer;

Speech writer, Corporate host, Keynote speaker;

Comedian, Auctioneer, and Improviser.


I have studied structure, content, delivery, and communication psychology

in the UK, Argentina, France, and the USA, including with

Second City, iO, Gaulier, Annoyance, and Toastmasters International.


I have been speaking at and running events throughout the UK and internationally since 2009, during which I have been and continue to intimately work with other

top 1% of global experts of the performance world.

Vice President of Education at EBS when it was the top Toastmasters club in the world, I have worked with charities, the Army, the Church of England, as well as other national and global institutions and corporations, such as Generation Investment Management and Waitrose Partnership.

"As a professional public speaker myself, training with Alexander was a natural step in taking my skills to the next level."

"[My company] was so concerned about my speaking slot [at a 4 day conference in New York], they sent me to train with Alexander. Afterwards, my boss complained if he heard another investor complimenting my speech, he'd go back to his hotel room."

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