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We can all be superpowered if we train

"Hello from the children of planet earth". A message now 46 years old.

Humanity, aspiring to communicate, to connect.


Words. Words are incredible.

The sounds of them coming from different mouths and no mouths; the history words tell from their spelling; the double entendre, the pun, and the poem; and beyond words... whispers, screams, every sound in between, and even the myriad meanings of no sound at all.


Communication has texture, colour, taste. It can assault the nose, caress the ear, and change the temperature in a room. Communication can be contained in a glance and messages received from eyes that do not connect. Communication is a form of magic, a superpower that has allowed humanity to create civilizations and send people to the moon.


We all have the superpower, yet some of us weave greater magic with it than others.

These people are paid more, they have higher status, more power, and receive more love, recognition, and loyalty. They also have a greater impact on the world, and leave greater legacies. 

Yet, when it comes to communication, the only resource these superhuman communicators have that elevates them above the rest is their ability to connect.


Is their ability to connect something they are naturally born with or, otherwise, is it nurturingly learnt?


At Speech Business School, our alumni prove time and again that the ability to powerfully connect is resoundingly learnable. And the most magical aspect of connection is its individuality; not only do we each connect in our own way, but the better we connect, the more authentically we are perceived by others.

Speech Business School's method is to train you in ways that enhance your personal authentic connection for the specific situation required. 

Your superpower, one which you are better at than anyone else in the world, is being you. Whether or not you know it, you are also endlessly fascinating. Where your abilities are lying dormant or are not yet fully realised, with Speech Business School, you will gain new knowledge and learn new skills; where you have abilities you already knew you had, together we will hone them to new heights of connection mastery. 


The furthest man made object in the universe is now already a full decade beyond the outer rim of our solar system. Called called Voyager 1, it contains a small golden disc, onto which are etched the words "Hello from the children of planet earth". From you, me, and all humanity, the furthest man made object in the universe, is a message, a communication, a human attempt at connection.

Because communication matters.

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